In addition to Nancy’s keynote speaking, she also works with C-level executives and their teams within health care settings to create a strategic approach to better communication between medical staff and patients and family members. This also helps with overall communication between medical staff and administration as well. 


There’s an ever-increasingly strong case to be made for enhancing communication within medical settings. According to research published by research/analysis firm CRICO Strategies that between 2009 and 2013, showed that poor communication was the cause of death in more than 1700 cases costing $1.7 billion in hospital costs. Communication problems were also a contributing factor in 30 percent (7149 cases) of the 23,000 medical malpractice claims filed during this period and 37 percent of all high-severity injury cases involved communication failures.

Nancy and her team work with hospitals and healthcare systems leadership and staff who want to improve patient and consumer satisfaction. Effective communication skills are rarely taught and need to be learned in order to increase patient satisfaction, decrease or avoid medical errors and overall misunderstandings.


To speak to Nancy or a member of her team, please email us at to schedule a meeting.