Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas (Adams Media), co-authored with Debbi Karpowicz Kickham, provides a gold mine of valuable, no-cost, and low-cost marketing secrets. In no time at all, you will be creating your own make-or-break marketing techniques for business success on a shoestring budget. Included are hundreds of ideas culled from business owners from all walks of life. You will also find inspiring examples of what now famous big business leaders did, when they were small and unknown, like Estee Lauder, The Hair Replacement Specialist, by Sperling, and the rent-a-car wiz, Warren Avis!

Perfecting Your Pitch (Career Press), demonstrates a step-by-step roadmap on how to close the deal of a lifetime. Nancy’s 10 proven strategies show readers how to execute their pitch by following each phase of new business development process: preparation, presentation, and post-pitch follow-up. 

Stripped: 49 Life Lessons Learned from Dying

This is the inspiring journey of one womans evolution from near
death to re-birth.

Still standing 

Nancy Michaels’ inspiring story is a testament of the warrior inside
every human being.  Nancy Michaels fought her way through a
painful separation and divorce, a life-threating illness and near death
experience, the loss of her children, her career, and home and made
the ultimate come-back.

Nancy's journey puts words to the story that every human being has the capacity and will to live despite horrific circumstances. Her senseof humor displayed throughout the book is evident and clearly hadmuch to do with her recovery and survival. Nancy also shares much
of what she wished she had known then, but knows now as a result
of a tsunami of life crises that struck at once and has left her still

 Praise for Patient Speak

"Words matter. The things physicians and nurses say have an outsized impact on our patients' physical and emotional health. Nancy Michaels' book Patient Speak provides helpful guidance on what to say and how to say it. Following this advice will help us be better clinicians and better people."— Daniel Z. Sands, MD, MPH, Harvard Medical School and Society for Participatory Medicine

"We have so much to learn from patients themselves and Patient Speak provides us with useful insight into the impact of our communication on those who are ill and suffering. Nancy offers the reader many specific ideas based on her own personal experience on ways to best speak with a patient and offer a sense of hope." — Rushika Fernandopulle MD, MP, CEO and Co-founder, Iora Health

Patient Speak, 7 Communication Practices to Improve Patient and Family Experience is the latest book by Nancy Michaels a patient satisfaction expert.

In Patient Speak, Michaels says patients can no longer rely on the pros alone.

"As consumers, we need to claim control over our health and be sure we understand what all of our options are related to diagnosis and recommended treatment," she warns.

Michaels, who regularly speaks to medical and health-care audiences about ways to improve patient satisfaction, engagement and the overall patient experience, also delivers advice gleaned from her own personal experience as a patient. In 2005, in what seemed like an instant, she found herself in a health crisis that nearly killed her twice. In that year, she underwent an emergency liver transplant and cranial procedure. Significant medical complications left her in a two-month coma in the intensive care unit at a major Bostonmedical facility.