YAY! I was featured at a conference!

Good news is February is over and we haven't had the worst winter on record this year. Bad news is I underwent a hip replacement in December, recovery in January . . . until my son ended up in the ER at Children's Hospital in Boston (big shout out to those folks) to have part of his colon removed. Best news is everyone is up and running now -- thank God for modern medicine!

The good news/bad news scenario reminds me of being brought to Beth Israel from Spaulding Rehab in August of 2005 for a CT scan when I learned from my radiologist that I was the subject of the Mortality and Morbidity conference (known as M&M -- although not my idea of M&M's) in Boston a week or two before. I love to speak in public (or be the subject of a speech or presentation truth be told), but - ah . . . this type of presentation was not on my bucket list!

Children's Hospital - Door Sign

Not feeling all that chipper in late December and early January -- then seeing my son go through his health challenges -- it makes me more grateful to be in Boston and have access to some of the greatest medical professionals available.

I have to say Children's Hospital was an amazing surprise as well. Look at what's on their door as a reminder to keep the patient's needs front and center! LOVE IT!

If you're having an event and you'd like to hear how small things make a big difference -- in healthcare and in life, please let me know! I'd love to address your audience sometime soon!

Reach out to us at Team@NancyMichaels.com

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