March ---> Media Madness

I love Spring but who knew March would be a colder, snowier month than February. Talk about windy too! It was a cold one.

Good news is I'm as busy as a bee and have been working to promote such a worthwhile non-profit, Megan's House (read more about their house raffle below) and have gotten coverage for the house raffle on:

And more in the works!

I'm often asked from businesses and non-profits who don't have the internal bandwidth to take on certain projects to help their businesses or organizations grow, generate a strategic marketing plan and gain the attention of the press. It's tough sometimes to know when to "do it yourself" or outsource a piece of what needs to be done to someone with greater expertise in that particular area. Oftentimes, it's well worth doing so.

If you're rather speak with me directly about utilizing our services and want to see if there's a fit, feel free to reach out to to arrange a 20-minute complimentary conversation with me and maybe I'll start pitch, pitch, pitching away for you and your cause!

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