If I didn't laugh, I'd cry . . .

[if gte mso 9]> <style id="ol-styles"> /* Normalise space between bullets and text */ .editor-text li { text-indent: -1em; } </style> <![endif] Finding humor in the catastrophic is the key of great comedians. They also do a great job of finding humor in everyday events . . . or nothing at all. Think Jerry Seinfeld.

I remember after having a lung biopsy (due to aspergillum in my lungs) and a "spot" still being detected, I had to stay over once again at the hospital. I was moved after post-op to my room and was in desperate need of ice chips and something to drink. I paged my nurse and she informed me that that doctor had stated specifically that I could NOT have any liquids until the following morning. I was beyond upset with the dryness in my mouth, being told I couldn't do something and being unable to change any of this brought up unpleasant (that's being kind) memories of my past prolonged ICU, rehabilitation and re-admittance to the hospital weeks earlier. I was despondent over not being able to let an ice chip melt in my mouth -- or take a few sips of much needed ginger ale.

My reaction was seemingly over-the-top -- I was wailing and didn't shy away from showing my dissatisfaction to my nurse or others walking past my room with the denial of liquids to fight my dehydration.

I turned the television on to an episode of The Office was on. Within two minutes I was laughing hysterically at the absurdity of the show -- namely, the main character played by Steve Carrell (also a former student of a neighboring boarding school I lived near in Concord, MA), Michael's ridiculous attempts at managing his staff at "The Office."

Within minutes, my nurse returned to see if I was ok. I was certain the psychiatric department would be knocking on my door. Thankfully, the laughter not only helped my state of mind, but helped to dissipate the obsession for ice chips and ginger ale as well!

Today, if I'm feeling down, my favorite thing to do is see a comedy show. If that's not a possibility, Comedy Central works almost as well!

Here's to laughter and being funny, because I don't know about you, but if I didn't laugh about some of the crazy things that have happened to me in my life --

I'd cry . . . a lot.



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