Seize the Day.

So many times, we put off what we shouldn't. Wednesday was one of those moments when I was going back and forth in my mind about putting off Oak Bluffs: Illumination Night in Martha's Vineyard -- a short boat ride from where I am this summer -- in Falmouth, MA.

The invitation came late in the day -- around 2:30 pm and I had other plans to drive to Concord, MA to meet a cable person (I know this is sounding so pathetic as I write it), when I made an "executive" or "life" decision. Stay, get on the boat and enjoy the evening. Made a call to a friend and asked her to be there for the cable person -- and promised a dinner when I was back in town next -- or if she could make it to Falmouth for a visit. Win-win-win, right!

What are you putting off -- that you probably shouldn't be?

I did go back to Concord -- for the important reasons. To go college shopping with my son Noah and to send off my youngest daughter Sophie -- who's going off to San Francisco where she'll be starting college this Fall. Another great reason for me to visit the city by the bay in the not so distant future. At the end of our time here, in addition to doing some good work, we look back at the moments that matter -- not the extra day, week, month, year(s) of work, but in creating memories with friends and family. The cable guy can wait. But, Illumination Night in Martha's Vineyard, time helping my son get prepared for college, and being there to hug my daughter (much to her chagrin) -- is what I'll remember. Isn't that what matters most? That's my motivation anyway! What's yours?

This or the cable person tomorrow... one would say that it is a pretty easy decision if you think about it! :)

PS: If you are ever around the Boston area, I highly recommend Martha's Vineyard and their Illumination Night.

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