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Rose Marie

Full disclosure:

I have recently lost somebody very important in my life and I have decided to dedicate both of my newsletters to her. Therefore, if you are subscribed to my Motivation Monthly newsletter as well as this one, you will see that my words are the same on both.

Rest In Peace, Rose.

My kids and I miss you and will always love you!

Fall in love with fall...

October isn't just about Halloween anymore!

October has to be one of my favorite months. The leaves are turning, the sun is usually shining, the weather is great -- even here in New England, and I love the smells of the leaves, apple cider and dare I say . . . pumpkins!

This October was especially unusual and bittersweet for me for several reasons. September ended on a somber note with the loss of one of my dearest friends, confidantes, long-time care giver to my three children since the time of their adoption or birth (for more than 14 years) and all around helper, Rose Hart.

Rose arrived the first week after my eldest daughter Chloe returned home from her native country China at five months old. She stayed with us during the birth of my son, Noah and after adopting our third daughter, Sophie from China as well -- never left until 14 years later. My children still refer to Rose and her husband Jim asNana and Papa -- because they were just like grandparents to each of them.

To say we all loved her would be an understatement. Rose allowed me to never have to bundle my three little ones up to drive them to an outside daycare or babysitter, as she came to us each and every morning. Rose was the person I would ask to accompany me when they needed new shoes or sneakers (for the sake of retail associates), or new photos (we once walked up five flights of stairs with a four year old, two your old and 8-month old in tow), and to see Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny at the mall as well.

Rose allowed me to travel the country on behalf of Staples, UPS, Constant Contact and Xerox -- and then some, without an ounce of fear or concern that my children would be well cared for and loved. Her services and overwhelming warmth toward me and my family will never be forgotten . . . by any of us.

When I became deathly ill and was out of commission for more than a year, Rose was a constant in my children's lives. I'll never forget that and know the healing power of not being overly worried or concerned about my children's care or happiness during that terrible time was a huge help in the healing process.

Although Rose was a caretaker extraordinaire in my home -- in great, bad and sad times -- her consistent and compassionate presence made a huge impact on me and my children. Just in the way that you -- as a caretaker, nurse, physician, therapist, radiologist -- can and do make with your patients every day. It's in the small actions (of putting a blanket on us when we're freezing), or asking us how we are, or going above and beyond by taking us outside (read Frank's story) after being cooped up for too long.

Grandiose gestures are often not needed or wanted in life as in healthcare. It's the seemingly little things that matter most.

I'm still getting used to being an empty nester after 22 years of having my children live with me. Also made a move to Falmouth, MA and wondering what being on Cape Cod will be like in the winter. For now though, in October, there's nothing to be afraid of . . . at least for now.

P.S. I won't be dressing up for Halloween, even though I did win a contest for best costume when I was nine. My artist uncle made me a butterfly costume that I thought would give me magical powers to fly.

Thoughtfully yours --

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