Are you feeling love and luck in February?

Happy Birthday to me!

February has a lot going for it – it’s a short month and if you live where I live (Boston), that’s a good thing. It’s also my birthday month and I know I’m biased, but some of my favorite people are fellow Aquarians – just something about us . . . ya know what I mean? It’s also Valentine’s Day and who isn’t in the mood for love on Valentine’s Day? Ok, maybe some of us aren’t in the mood, but it’s always nice to have red roses in the house – even if you buy them for yourself! Finally, Chinese New Year is in February... at least this year it is and – it’s the year of the DOG!

Nothing more to say about February being a short month – happy to say we’re more than half way through and that’s a good thing!

Birthday – great considering, I’m a year older than I was the day prior to the B-day! One friend sent an email that said “the older the grape, the sweeter the wine.” Love that! Thanks Danny! I heard from my three children and spent the day with someone special. Nice. Thank God for social media because that proved to be a great “pay day” of birthday wishes as well. Thanks all who took the time to wish me well.

Valentine’s Day – a great excuse to eat delicious dark chocolate . . . and buy flowers. Never a bad idea.

Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog! Do you like mine – Cooper – at the New England Aquarium with my daughter Chloe who dog-sat this weekend! For years I counseled clients on NEVER celebrating holidays in December. Why? Because everyone else was. The times of the year that I did outreach marketing – postcards, special gifts, etc. – were Chinese New Year and July 4th! Come to find out a few years later – I had two daughters adopted from China and my biological son who came between my daughters was born on... July 4th. How perfect. For more information on Chinese New Year go here.

There are so many reasons to want February to pass us by, but thinking about the good things that happen in February can get you through an otherwise chilly month.

It’s also appropriate to re-evaluate what you may (or perhaps have not) done when jotting all those New Year’s Resolutions down. Are you checking the list of high priority items off?

Feeling more of the better version of myself this year, because I’m trying to really focus on what’s most important and tackling those things each day – professionally and personally. My goal is three things each day – some do get pushed off to the following day because there may be too many steps to complete in a day, but I’m breaking it down and starting with “the end in mind.”

I hope you’re having a great second month to a brand New Year. Don’t forget to smell the roses... and eat the chocolate (they’re good for you, ya know).

Love, hearts and flowers –


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