Has March seemed to March slooowwwly on for you, too?

I hate to say this but there's very little I look forward to in the month of March -- well, except St. Patrick's Day in Mashpee, MA on the greenest day of the year -- at least in Boston Irish pubs!

For whatever reason (and I have a list of them) March just seemed to take so long to get through.

The positives (because I always like start and end on a high note) were:

  • I received my Ancestry.com results and it's official -- I'm 53% Irish. I knew I had some Irish blood in me, but was told by my paternal grandfather that he was "100 percent Sicilian." Turns out, not so much. It was fun learning more about myself and I'm thinking another trip back to Ireland to see if I can find any relatives, may be in my future. Fun!

  • Each of my three children were home for their Spring break -- all on different weeks (I know, what are the chances of that happening?).

  • My eldest daughter Chloe and I spent the most time together -- side by side on our laptops. Chloe was finishing up her final Capstone (like a thesis) for her senior year at Emerson College, and I was busy writing, editing and finding resources for my next book, Patient Speak: 7 C's of Communication to Improve Patient Experience.

  • I travelled to NYC to hear my dear friend Jeffrey Shaw do a TEDx talk on Paradoxical Expectations. It was my first time attending a TEDx and Jeff did a killer job as did so many of the other speakers. #Bucketlist

  • I'm also preparing for business travel in the next couple of months to Chicago for the Beryl Institute Conference on Patient Experience where I'll be presenting, From ICU to I See You: Small Things that Make a Big Difference in Healthcare, and a trip to Philly for professional development, and Miami with a girlfriend for a long (warm) weekend.

OK, now that I put to paper the list of positives, I should do as I tell others and "cheer up!" It wasn't so bad after all. If I could just find a way to NOT be in NE next March to avoid the end of winter final nor easters, I'd be even more content that I've already decided to be!

What are the things you're most grateful for in March? I know what it's like to be in a funk -- and it's funny that in writing this my attitude changed by beginning with what I was grateful for. Sometimes it's not as easy to switch the switch or change the channel on your thinking, but for me -- focusing on the small things that make you happy become cumulative and it behoves itself.

I hate when I realize, I'm wishing my life away and know better than to do that, but . . . sometimes I slip. I'm human. The best way to get back on track is to write down the things that bring a smile to your face and that you're grateful for.

Why not start your list today!



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