Just Released "Patient Speak"

It was long winter on Cape Cod where I spent most of my time last year, but I did get much accomplished. So, Ta Da! Here it is!

Patient Speak, 7 Communication Practices to Improve Patient and Family Experience

Many of you asked to know when it would be published so it's finally available at: Amazon

Here's what a few of my fans had to say:

"We have so much to learn from patients themselves and Patient Speak provides us with useful insight into the impact of our communication on those who are ill and suffering. Nancy offers the reader many specific ideas based on her own personal experience on ways to best speak with a patient and offer a sense of hope." Rushika Fernandopulle MD, MP, CEO and Co-founder, Iora Health

"Words matter. The things physicians and nurses say have an outsized impact on our patients' physical and emotional health. Nancy Michaels' boo Patient Speak provides helpful guidance on what to say and how to say it. Following this advice will help us be better clinicians and better people." Danny Z. Sands, MD, MPH; Harvard Medical School and Society for Participatory Medicine

Too often we look at “soft skills” as being insignificant compared to the work of medically treating patients. Nancy reminds us in Patient Speak that the verbal and non-verbal interactions healthcare providers have with patients have a tremendous impact in not only how satisfied and content they are but those same interactions can actually enhance or harm their care and outcomes." Fred Fishback, President, Javelin Learning Solutions

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

All the best, Nancy

p.s. Volume and customized orders are available -- please contact us!

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